What is Behind Your Words and Thoughts.

Attracting your reality to you.

Your thoughts and words attracting your reality to you. Your thoughts, your words, your actions all carry a vibration to them. And with this vibration, you are communicating with the universe what it is you would like to see in your life. Then the universe responds, the universe always responds, for ‘good’, ‘bad’, or ‘indifferent. That sounds a little scary… but it doesn’t have to be because YOU are in control. You decide what words you speak and how you want to look at a situation. If your mind is in a constant state of lack and despair, you will attract lack and despair into your life. Imagine what you could attract into your life if the majority of your thoughts were grateful?

What is gratitude really anyway? The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it as, “the state of being grateful.” But it is so much more than that. It is finding the good in even the bad, it’s appreciating all the silver linings, it’s welcoming the good things when they happen to you and anticipating even more. It’s training your brain into a positive thinking pattern. Above all, it is acknowledging the wonderful things in your life. Through this acknowledgement, you attract more wonderful things into your life. When you retrain your brain into a pattern of gratitude, you build momentum. You begin to feel light, happy and fulfilled when you are feeling light happy and fulfilled, you begin to work from your heart center and when you work from your heart center, the universe provides you with endless opportunities. By feeling grateful for what you have and satisfied you attract more gratitude and satisfaction. This is one of the easiest ways to manifesting a brighter, happier reality.

Let’s look a little deeper… What are we? We are all divine spiritual beings having a human experience. Being divine spiritual beings, we are one with all that is and we are all connected to each other. To experience gratitude and appreciation not only elevates your own vibration and transforms your life, but it also transforms the lives of all those connected to you. If you raise your own vibration, you raise the vibration of humanity as a collective as well as the person sitting next to you, by virtue of being in their proximity. Imagine the challenging people in your life, suddenly getting a boost because you are in a better place...maybe the whole dynamic of your interaction changes… and so begins the transformation of your reality. Imagine if you could begin to manifest wonderful things in your life, simply by being grateful for them.

So where do you begin? Well, just begin with the understanding that all words, actions, thoughts, decisions, etc are great indicators of what you are calling forth into your reality. If you are prone to complaining about your life, stop at that moment. Don’t even finish the sentence. Find something positive or something to appreciate about the subject, no matter how small, and speak that instead. Eventually it will become a habit.

If you are a more critical person, critical of those around you, maybe your job calls for it, or maybe you’re just repeating what your parents said growing up, either way, again stop. Find value in the person your speaking to or about, find something to appreciate about them, even if it's just the fact that they show up, I guarantee you, more good qualities will start to come to mind.

Train yourself. Set your timer and every hour, think about something you are grateful for every time it goes off. It doesn’t even have to be big. It could be that you’ve been blessed with a family or simply the lamp on your table that lets you read in the evenings. Just find something and with practice, you’ll find your mind going to positive and appreciative places on its own.

Be grateful for yourself. Don’t criticize yourself for making mistakes or somehow falling into a pattern of complaining, lack and despair, or even hurt and anger. It happens to everyone at some point. You, like everyone else, are only human and this is all part of the human experience. Appreciate yourself for putting in the effort and energy to elevate yourself and improve your reality. Appreciate yourself for contributing to the human collective in a positive way and know that with every positive action you take, your reality can only improve.