Ascension Symptoms

Unravel the unique signs and experiences that accompany spiritual growth and transformation.

Spiritual Ascension is the expansion of consciousness. It could also go by other names such as Spiritual Awakening or Enlightenment. This process doesn’t happen all at once. Instead it is a constant layering to give you the chance to adjust to the energy requirements of the different frequencies. As you ascend you realize that everything that exists is somehow interconnected to the whole.

Through this Spiritual Ascension process, your energy and vibration is becoming lighter, your consciousness is expanding and your thoughts, and beliefs about life are taking on a new meaning. Your emotions, and those of others, become understood from a deeper level and you go through life with more ease and joy.

But this adjustment can be uncomfortable and cause “ascension symptoms” as a result of holding on to limitations and resistance. For the highly sensitive individual, the ascension process can be a bit more challenging as emotional trauma, that became stuck in their energy field, comes up for clearing. This clearing may slow you down as it works through the density created within you, but it is a very important process because it allows space for higher consciousness light to enter.

Even though you may think that every unpleasant symptom in your body is an ascension symptom, that is not always the case. It is wise to use discernment and check with your healthcare provider if symptoms persist.

The Ascension symptoms you may feel will usually reflect what is clearing and expanding in you. For Instance, if it is your heart that is clearing for expansion, you may feel palpitations. If it is your third eye, you may experience blurred vision or flashes of light. What follows is a list of some of the most common Ascension symptoms and what it could be clearing for expansion.

  • Ringing in the ears - your hearing is being adjusted to be able to hear higher frequencies
  • Sleep interruption - you are working out what holds you back in life during your sleep state
  • Feeling drained of energy - energy is moving into the physical body for clearing.
  • Frequent headaches or pressure in the head - 6th and 7th chakra opening up.
  • Heart palpitations or fluttering sensations - your heart chakra is clearing out old wounds to allow more unconditional love to enter
  • Sudden or extreme changes in body temperature - energy is running through you clearing out old energetic patterns
  • Feeling as you don’t belong or detached from the external world - you may be coming aware that you are more than what you thought you were
  • An increased sensitivity to nature - becoming aware you are part of the whole
  • A sudden increase in synchronicity - your frequency and vibration is matching that of the higher source
  • Becoming more introverted - you may be feeling the need go inward for answers

How to ease your ascension symptoms

  1. If your ascension symptoms persist, the first thing I would recommend is to consult with a healthcare professional. Not only to make sure there is nothing physically wrong with you, but to give you peace of mind.
  2. The path of least resistance is the best way through symptoms and challenges. Let go and allow the changes of ascension to flow through your life.
  3. Seek out a Spiritual teacher or coach that you resonate with to help you build a strong solid spiritual foundation which will help you move through your ascension process with ease.
  4. Connecting with your Spirit Guides will dramatically help you in the ascension process by keeping you informed of what is taking place.
  5. Join a like minded spiritual community or circle to support and encourage you through your spiritual awakening.